One of the most important things for teams to remember is to be sharing ideas in our Escape Games with each other and communcating those ideas. In order to escape our rooms, the teams will have to brainstorm to come up with ideas and find solutions to escaping the rooms in under an hour. It is so helpful and important for team to share what they are thinking and their ideas aloud to one another. Sometimes one person might have an idea, and even though they don’t exactly have the right idea, another teammate might take what that person said and twist it into the right idea. If the first person hadn’t shared their original idea, then the other teammate would have maybe never come up with the right conclusion. So we always tell people that even if you think your idea is silly or stupid just voice it to everyone. We also tell people that they always want to try out their ideas.

So often our game masters say that they heard the team saying the right ideas and discussing how a puzzle in the game works, but then they never see anyone try out these ideas. Sometimes people have great ideas but they just think that there is no way that idea could work, so they just never try it out. Our game masters get sad when they are hearing the right answer to a puzzle or riddle but don’t see anyone try it for a few minutes because that is just wasting time and our game masters love to see teams escape. So, next time you decide to come and try one of our games, remember that being confident in your ideas and sharing them with other teammates will really help boost your team to the finish line.

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