Urban Escape Games is the perfect place to bond with your co-workers. Urban Escape Games makes a big impact on the dynamics and culture of companies. We have had different corporate groups tell us stories about how their experience at Urban Escape Games changed their work lives. It is so important for employees to be comfortable to interact with one another and feel welcomed to share ideas with each other. A strong culture within a company leads to a stronger work ethic and motivation for people to want to be at work and enjoy their time at work. Also, for co-workers to know everyone in the company and feel like they have friends at work is beneficial to how employees do their jobs. Playing our Escape Games allows the employees to work together and communicate with each other in order to escape our rooms and makes people in the company, who maybe have never spoke before, communicate and work together.

A few weeks ago we had someone call us and tell us a story about how coming to Urban Escape Games for a corporate Team Building Event really help him to talk with other people in his company. He said he has been working for the company for over 3 years and had never really spoken with  many of the people in his department. But, after playing at Urban Escape Games they went to back to work and 3 of them talked about the games they played and the experience at Urban Escape Games.  He personally called our company and thanked us for the teambuilding games we created. He shared that he almost didn’t come because the other teambuilding events in the past never delivered like bowling or golfing. This was the first time he really connected with other employees and felt that they grew together. We love hearing these stories because we don’t just try to make a great experience for people when they are at our facility, we also try to make a lasting imprint on their future and the future of the companies.

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