All over Alpharetta people are searching for something to do that is fun and hip. Everyone loves a new adventure and loves finding new exciting things to do on the weekends. Well…. Look no further and set you GPS to 20 Mansell Court, Suite #275 in Alpharetta, GA 30076. We are conveniently located less than a mile off highway 400 and many people take 400 to get to our location. The road that we are located off of is called Mansell road which is a well-known road in Alpharetta because of the many restaurants and different attractions that are nearby.

When we were first thinking about opening Urban Escape Games, choosing the perfect location was important. We knew that we wanted to focus on Corporate Team Building so we wanted our location to be very close to businesses and easy for everyone to travel to. We knew that we wanted to be in Alpharetta because Alpharetta is awesome and we love Alpharetta. So as we looked into many different locations we finally decided on 20 Mansell Court East as our perfect location and we have been very happy with our decision.

At Urban Escape Games we focus on Corporate Team Building and we are conveniently located near many large companies that love our Escape Games like McKesson and Verizon. We also have some amazing restaurants within a mile of us that our groups love to go to before or after playing our games like Rays at Killer Creek or Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. We also do a lot of birthday groups on the weekends and they love to go to Big Pie in the Sky, which is right across the street. We are located near hundreds of different restaurants and our customers love having such a variety of places to eat close by. We are so happy to have found this amazing location!

To make a reservation give us a call at 678-805-2189 or go to our website.