The Election is over, and our new President, Donald Trump, is in office. Come to Urban Escape Games to escape the election madness. This news makes some people happy, while others are very upset by the turnout of the election. There has been a lot of tension and stress around this year’s election. You may have had a couple of awkward conversations with coworkers, friends and even family members that had different opinions than you about this election. So, if you’ve had someone who was on the other side, and this election period has strained your relationship, why not invite them to Urban Escape Games? As a team you can learn how to work together as a team with a common goal, to escape the room. We know that you’ll come out a stronger team than before the madness of the election even began.

We love hearing stories of friends that haven’t seen each other in a while or families that haven’t spent quality time together come and play our Escape Games and say that it had such a positive effect on those relationships. Our games require people to disconnect from their phones and all the stresses of life and focus on Escaping! One time we had this family come plays one of our Escape Games and afterwards the mom came up to one of our staff members and told us that her family hadn’t talked together that much in a long time and she was so happy. Additionally, she told us it was now a family tradition to come to Urban Escape Games during the Holidays. After their first game with us they talked and laughed and pointed out the strengths and character of each other and how it helped! We love that our games can have such a good influence on families and friends. So, if this crazy election season has you feeling a little distant from some friends and you feel that bringing everyone together for a new and exciting experience would calm some of the election tension then give us a call! We promise everyone will have a blast!