On Sunday January, 22nd, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers 44 to 21 taking the Atlanta Falcons to the 2017 Super Bowl! Everyone in Atlanta is very excited because this is the first time since 1999 when the Falcons lost to the Broncos that the Falcons have been in the super bowl! The Falcons took it a step beyond “the brotherhood”, which was a catchy saying that they Falcons started that had to do with how their team was like a brotherhood, and blew the Green Bay Packers away! Many people believe that it was the idea of “the Brotherhood” that took the Falcons to the Super Bowl this year, which may be true, but the amount of teamwork and communication they possessed on the field with incredible. It’s almost like they had played at Urban Escape Games before because our games are all about teamwork and communication.

At Urban Escape Games our Escape Games are designed around teamwork and communication. There are parts of our games that would be very challenging for a team to get through without communicating and working together. Our games are great for sports teams because the teams have to work together to achieve the common goal of winning/escaping our games! We get a lot of travel and non-travel sports team in the area that are looking to put their teamwork skills to the test in a fun exciting way other than the sport they play.

We believe that the Falcons are great at football and possessing teamwork and communication on the field, but would they be able to escape one of our Escape Games? We hope that one day they will be up for the Challenge, but for now we want them to focus on getting Atlanta that WIN!