At Urban Escape Games we now have a new conference Escape Game! We focus on corporate Team Building Monday- Friday so we have a lot of corporate teams that either fly some employees into town or are all from out of town that come play our games. A lot of the times companies have people from around the country that are flying in for conferences or large events and as part of their event they come play our escape games. Most of the time companies even have the events and meetings at the hotels in conference/event rooms so we now have an on-site game that we can bring to hotels!

Here at Urban Escape Games we have a new on-site game, “conference escape game” that we can bring to conferences and events at any location. Our on-site game can be played by hundreds of people at a time and is similar to our escape games in the exciting experience and challenging puzzles, the only difference is instead of playing in our escape themed rooms, we bring the game to you! The game is still themed and is based on a car race! It has some really cool technology and everything is based around starting the race.

Groups love the option of us bringing our on-site game to them rather than coming to our facility. A lot of the time companies have a daylong event full of meetings and speakers and don’t want to take the extra time to travel to our facility. We have been working on our on-site game for over a year now and we are excited about the positive reviews and great experiences people have had with it so far and we can’t wait to see how, we as a company, continue to grow our on-site game(s). Let us know if you are having a conference in Atlanta and want an escape room or escape game to be at your event.

If you are visiting the Alpharetta area and are looking for something fun to do give us a call at 678-805-2189 or visit our website!