We had the cutest escape game birthday story ever! This past weekend at Urban Escape Games we had the cutest little boy come in with his mom and their story was just adorable. They played our Jewel Heist Escape Game and had an amazing time even though it was just the two of them playing. Our games are designed in house for 8 people so when we have two people that want to play, we always warn them that the game is going to be challenging with only two, but that they would still have an amazing time. They called that day and decided to book. When they were in the lobby we were asking them if they had ever been here before and just talking with them as we waited to get them started. We ended up finding out that it was the mom’s birthday and for her birthday the little boy was in charge of planning the night for him and his mom. He decided that they would go to Chili’s for dinner and then come play at Urban Escape Games. It was so cute that he decided to come play one of our games for his mom’s birthday! What a sweet and cute thing for them to do together, and even though they did not escape, they had a blast!

On the weekends when we are open to the public (Friday night’s and Saturday’s) birthday celebrations and parties are very popular! Also, we have extended ours to the public on Holidays. So look for us to have some hours posted for President’s Day, like we did for MKL day. We were amazed at how many birthdays we celebrate on these days. Our Escape Games are such a fun and exciting experience that make for a great birthday memory. So for you next birthday when you’re trying to decide what you want to do, just give us a call and we promise you won’t regret it! By booking our Escape Games for your birthday, you will have the best birthday party that all your friends will be talking about!