We are so thankful for our amazing customers and how so many of our customers love to share their enthusiasm about our Escape Games just as much as we do! Most of the customers that come through say that they had heard of us from their friends and families that have come and played before. We pride ourselves in working hard to provide an amazing Escape Game experience for anyone and everyone who comes through our doors and we really appreciate the positive reviews. We even have different magazine and newspaper companies that have come and played our games and featured stories about us!

We have been featured in PointsNorth Atlanta Magazine as a unique activity for Corporate Team Building events or just for friends and families to come and have a fun time. The title of the article is called The Great Escape and right under that they wrote, “ditching the norm for action-packed adult activities”! Our Escape Games are very different from bowling or just going out to dinner for Team Building. Our games require a lot of communication as teams have one hour locked in a room to solve different puzzles and riddles in order to try to escape in time. The writers of the PointsNorth magazine also wrote about their personal experience trying to escape from our rooms and how they did not escape but had a blast trying! They received one of our “I almost Escaped” stickers as a souvenir to take home and remember their Escape Game experience.

We love our customers and thank them for all the positive reviews and feedback. We have been fortunate that so many newspapers and magazines have wanted to come and experience our games and then write about them.  We have even been approached by two television shows, but chose not to participate as we didn’t want to give the secrets of our games away. So come experience the best escape games or have us come to you.

To make your reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.