On Wednesday April, 29th 2015 Urban Escape Games was featured in The Atlanta Journal Constitution, as they shared with their readers the most unique and newest form of entertainment in Atlanta. The Atlanta journal constitution writers came to Urban Escape Games to experience our Escape Games and afterwards wrote about their first escape game experience and how much fun they had. They did our CDC Lockdown room where you are taking a tour of the CDC when an unexpected surprise occurs and you have one hour to try to escape and save yourselves. They also sat down and talked to the owner of Urban Escape Games and learned about where the idea came from to open an Escape Game in Georgia.

One day when the owner, Mary Oakes, was on a family vacation in the Northwest they were looking for something to do so they decided to try an Escape Game. Considering Mary Oakes has always been an entrepreneur, right when they left the Escape Game in the Northwest both of her children looked at her and said, “Mom, this needs to be your next business.” Then after a couple months of hard work and determination they opened the door as the first Escape Game company in Georgia!

In 2015, when this article was featured Urban Escape Games only had three games at the time: CDC Lockdown, Mr. Magic, and Murder Mystery. Since 2015 Urban Escape Games has continued to grow, update, and perfect what we do. Now we have 4 themed escape game with CDC Lockdown and Mr. Magic still there, we have added FBI Mafia Investigation and Jewel Heist. We have also created an onsite Conference Escape Game that we come to large events! We couldn’t be this successful without the help of our amazing customers and companies like Atlanta Journal Constitution for sharing their enthusiasm about who we are and what we do!