Using your clues in our Escape Games is the most important and helpful tip we give to our customers before they play our games! Escape Games are a new concept for many people and most people are always wanting to know the secret to escaping. Sometimes people even try to ask us to reveal the secrets of the puzzles in our games, which of course we aren’t going to do before they play, because that wouldn’t be any fun. So we always give them the biggest and most important tip, use your clues!

During our games you can call your game master for three clues on the red phone in your game. Yes, we want it to feel like you’re the President calling on the emergency red phone! Of course, this never existed in reality at the White House, but we all believe it did. If you feel stuck at any point during the game and feel like you could use some help, then call your game master.

We design all of our games in-house so while designing we do keep these clues in mind so they are part of the strategy of the games. You would be surprised by the amounts of people that don’t want to use their clues to their advantage. What our Game Masters see often is teams get so involved in the game, that they completely forget that they have three clues. This can cause teams to lose a lot of time. Most of the time, the team that remembers these clues and calls for them at strategic points will more likely escape, than teams that don’t want to use clues.

We make sure to give this tip to all teams before they play our games because we know how important the three clues are to escaping our games. Everything is solvable, but you only have one hour, so that is when the clues can give your team an added boost. So next time you come to play one of our games, remember to keep your three clues in mind. Use them to your advantage! Are you up for the challenge?

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