Over the past year, Urban Escape Games has collaborated with iSchool initiative to add an “escape game twist” to their already successful iSchool bus, which shows teachers and administrators how technology can be beneficial to students in a classroom. Their bus travels around to different schools and educational events around the U.S. where they show administrators and teachers the importance of using technology in education and how to better motivate students to be leaders.

The Urban Escape Games design team had a few creative brainstorming sessions with the iSchool team, and then the iSchool folks took on the work of outfiting the bus to help promote their vision. Their team had played our games twice and loved the technology and flow of our games.

Recently, they brought the newly retrofitted iSchool Initiative “Escape Game Bus” to our offices so we could play itl    Our staff was eager to participate and truly enjoyed the experience.  We were really excited to see what they had done, and were wow’ed by the bus. Afterwards our design team met with their design team and brain stormed about a future bus that would be designed from the ground up, using the escape methodology. With a “blank slate” it will give them so much more flexibility to use some awesome technology, a  create a great plot line, and really tell the iSchool story well. We are really excited to see the next version of the bus!

The way iSchool was started is a funny story. A high school student was sick of teachers telling him he couldn’t be on his phone, and one day when a teacher took his phone from him in class it made him want to reform education, which Travis Allen and his team has done.   You can read their full story here:  http://www.ischoolinitiative.com/about/

Below is the picture of the iSchool Initiative bus in our parking lot . . .  bet you’re probably wishing you could go inside to play their escape game . . .