As 2016 comes to a close we love to reflect on the year at Urban Escape Games and see how much has changed and grown over the course of the year. We opened our doors in 2014, which would make 2016 our second full year. This year has been a great one for Urban Escape Games as we have accomplished different things that have help us grow and excel in the Escape Game World.

One of the biggest projects that we were able to accomplish this year was our on-site Escape Game. This year we created an Escape Game that we can now bring on-site to conferences and other large events, instead of people coming to our facility. This game took our design team over a year to create and we are having a blast taking it on-site to places! So far this game has been a huge success and we are excited to see the direction it takes us in 2017!

We also retired an old game, our Buck Stars: Murder Mystery game, and replaced in with our new FBI Mafia Investigation game! Yes, we had to say goodbye to our Murder Mystery Game. It was a sad parting, as some of our staff and customers loved that game. We design all of our games in house so it takes quite a while to fully release a new Escape Game. Everyone is loving our new FBI Mafia Investigation game, so we plan to keep it around for a while. Our faithful gamers who love our games, have comes and have given the seal of approval! One even stated, “I always dreamed someone would make a game like this, and you guys delivered, AMAZING!

We have also added some new staff members this year that have been an excellent addition to our team. As we continue to grow we will continue to hire more staff that can help us provide the best experience for our customers. We are excited to see what new adventures 2017 brings!

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