There are several “best places to eat in Alpharetta” after playing at Urban Escape Games! Most groups that come want to go out to continue the fun by going out for lunch or dinner. This is a great idea because they will have so much fun talking about the experience.  They will discuss how each person contributed, how they interacted with the immersive technology, and overall how the team worked together and the amazing FUN they had playing. What we hear over and over with corporate team building here in Alpharetta is how it was the MOST FUN TEAMBUILDING experience they ever had together. They normally work up an appetite after using their brains and being locked in a room for a whole hour with no food! So it is natural to want to head to a restaurant for dinner and drinks at one of the nearby restaurants.

Additionally, we host many birthday party groups that love to come play our games then go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner! Our birthday groups love to go have cake and ice cream at one of the many resturants in our area. We love our location in Alpharetta because there are so many great places to eat right down the street from us! Not only that, Alpharetta is continuing to grow as more and more restaurants are opening in the area. Most of our customers are always asking our staff about good places to eat in the area! Below is a list of a few that we normally suggest to people for lunch or dinner, you can also find this list on our website under Corporate Team Building. Now with the Avalon nearby this gives groups additional options.

To make a reservation go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.