Christmas is only a few days away, which means only a few more days left to finish your Christmas shopping and get your Escape Game T-shirt! With only a few days left, trying to decide what to buy as Christmas gifts can be stressful, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have two perfect gifts to give this holiday season. First, you can give the gift of an experience at Urban Escape Games by purchasing a gift certificate on our website. This is really easy to do, just take a few minutes to purchase, and everyone will be talking about this creative and fun gift idea.

Second, WE SELL T-SHIRTS! We have two different type of T-shirts for sale, the “Urban Escape Games” T-shirt (pictured on the left) and the “I Escaped” T-shirt (pictured on the right). Who doesn’t love a new T-shirt? Am I right? Our t-shirts are only $15 and make for a cute and fun present. Do you maybe know a friend who has been to Urban Escape Games before and escaped one of our rooms? Buy them an “I Escaped” T-shirt so that they can go around wearing their shirt and bragging to people about how they escape in under an hour! These shirts are a cheap, fun, and creative gift. To purchase our shirts simply come to our location (20 Mansell Court, East, Suite #275, Alpharetta, Ga 30076) and ask one of staff members and they would be more than happy to help you pick the perfect T-shirt!