Urban Escape Games is the perfect activity to have school field trips. We meet almost all of the criteria for a school field trip and both public and private schools love to come to our games. They know we offer a different experience with our game design and we host groups from all over the state of Georgia and even have groups as far as Kentucky come play our games.

Our games give students a challenging experience where they have fun communicating and working as one team to escape our rooms. Teachers prepare their students for our games by teaching students to apply their critical thinking skills, solve problems as a team, thinking creatively, and communicate all as one team, where everyone contributes. Teachers really like our games because of the way we design them to challenge the students, but not frustrate them with unsolvable or tricky puzzles.

We host many schools, not just because of the design of our games, but we work hard to achieve their goals. We constantly hear how the students have to collaborate, communicate and really respect each other in the games for the ideas they share. We are easily accessible since we are only 1 mile from 400. Schools can easily get to us and getting off Mansell to our office building is quick and fast. We can have up to 100 students at a time in our facility and we are now bringing our new on-site Escape Game to schools!

Booking a school field trip with Urban Escape Games will get you closer to the Best Teacher Award, because your students will have a blast and administration will be shocked that you found an awesome way to achieve your lesson plan. So get the school bus rolling to Urban Escape Games.

To book your event go to our website or give us a call at 678-805-2189.