We are excited to announce that we have a new escape room video up on our website! It has been in the making for a few months and we have finally released it! Over the course of the two years that we have been open and we have also updated and added new elements to our Escape Game Rooms. There was nothing wrong with our old video, but we knew it was time to update and add a few new things to it. We wanted our new video to really capture the attention of everyone who watched it and make everyone excited to come play at Urban Escape Games! We also wanted to show some of the awesome immersive technology in our rooms, without giving too much about our games away.

The video for our website can be hard to design because we don’t want to give too much of what our rooms look like on the inside or the immersive technology in our rooms. We want everything about our rooms to be a surprise, so everyone can come and have the same experience! It wouldn’t be much fun if we showed all the technology and all the cool puzzles from our games in our video. Just like with movie trailers, everyone hates when a movie shows all the good parts during the tailor and then when you go watch the movie you already know everything that’s going to happen, which makes the movie boring and uneventful. We want to avoid that by still making the video exciting and fun without showing key parts of our games.

We love updating our games with more technology. Being in Alpharetta where it is noted as the “Technology City of the South” with nearly 600 technology companies, we know corporate groups seeking team building desire our games with high technology.

Click here to watch our new video!