Urban Escape Games is the perfect activity for Boy Scout Troops to come and bond together by working as one team which is great for each patrol. Escape Games for Boy Scout Troops are an adventure they won’t forget as they race against the clock, and put their minds to the test to solve different puzzles and riddles to escape the room in under an hour! Playing our Escape Games give the boys all a chance to bond together, especially if there are some new members that maybe don’t know everyone quiet yet, since they will have to be working together for the full hour.

We have had several troops come and play our games along with Venture Patrol groups. All of them have a blast and really talk about how it helped bond their patrol and troop even more. We have heard how it carries out to them doing camping trips and realizing the importance each person is to achieving the task. Maybe we should make a merit badge about teamwork with our escape games.

The patrols will have to use skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem solving in order to escape our rooms. Then, they can use these skills and carry what they learned in our Escape Games to other activities they do throughout the year like camping and hiking. The skills they learn in our games are also skills that will help them through life as they get older and in their lives outside of Boy Scouts when they have to work with people on school project, or in a team sports, or in their jobs later in their lives!  We promise that the boys will have a blast and you will be the best Boy Scout Troop Leader ever!

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