Urban Escape Games is the perfect activity for sports teams. Growing up, a lot of our staff was involved in different sports and we all agree that one of the things our coaches would preach to us was a successful team works together and communicates together. While at practice, anyone who has ever played a sport can vouch, that the coaches are always yelling, “talk to each other” or “work together”! Without teamwork and communication, a sports team will most likely be unsuccessful and unable to play to their full potential. That’s why we have many middle school, high school, and travel sports teams of all different sports like: Soccer, Cheerleading, Softball, Volleyball and Basketball come play at Urban Escape Games!

Our games are all focused on teamwork and communication, so when playing our games, it pushes everyone on the team to work together to try and achieve a common goal, escaping the room in under an hour. Not to mention that everyone will have a blast! This is especially good for middle and high school aged students, as sometimes sports teams can be a little cliquey, and this allows for them to all communicate with some people on the team that they may normally not talk to as much. In one hour, different teammates strengths and weaknesses will become apparent, like who’s good at leading the team or maybe realizing that some certain people work really well together. A team where everyone is willing to work together with one another is one of the biggest keys to building a strong sports team. Giving these athletes the chance to bond over a different game that requires the key elements to their sport, will then help them carry what they learn onto the field or court.

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