No waivers are required anymore to play at Urban Escape Games! We have finally got rid of our waivers! We hated those waivers just as much as you did and now we have finally been able to get rid of them! After some thought and consultation with others, we came to the conclusion that since there is nothing dangerous in our Escape Games, a waiver really wasn’t necessary in order to play our Escape Games. During the play of our games there is no worry about physical injury. None of our games are physically challenging, our games are all about the mental challenge of solving our puzzles or riddles and cracking codes with a time limit of an hour.

All of our games are family friends and HR approved so there is nothing scary about our Escape Games. Of course, when first opening we had to discuss then option of making our rooms scary but we quickly decided no! We want people of all ages to come and experience our games, so when we design them we focus on making sure that the game themes are fun and exciting but not scary or creepy. There are some other companies that have zombies pop out during the game, we’ve heard of some places that handcuff you to things in the room, and even some places that blindfold people.

We decided we wanted people to have fun, be challenged, and really focus on the teambuilding vs. scaring them. Yes, our themes are full of mystery but at no point will anyone be afraid while they are playing our Escape Games. We strive to provide the best possible experience we can for our customers and want everyone who walks through our doors to leave with a smile on their face! HR directors love recommending our games to others in the companies, because they know it will be a professional and fun experience that will bond teams together. Families love coming knowing that they can have their child come and have a family bonding experience.

To make a reservation with us please go to our website or call us at 678-805-2189.