Some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers are about designing our Escape Games. Many customers are curious about how long it takes to design one of our games, who designs our games, and how often we release a new game. There is a lot that goes into designing a new escape games. We are one of the only Escape Game companies that has a professional design team that designs all of our games in-house. We put a lot of hard work into our games and make sure that when we release a game it is perfect and ready for customers to start playing.

First, we have to come up with a theme that we think customers will find exciting and then we have to work off that theme so that the game is created with that theme in mind. Then our amazingly creative design team has to come up with all the puzzles, riddles, and technology that they want to use in the new game. The process of designing the new game takes months and months to make sure that the game flows together, the puzzles and riddles all go with the theme, and the technology works correctly. There is a lot of trial and error has they test the flow of the game and chance things where needed. The last step before releasing a game is the testing phase. We have staff and other groups to come in and test our game many times before we finally release it to the public. Once a game is released we love seeing how much our customers enjoy our new games and seeing how all the hard work of designing the game pays off. We are constantly complimented by groups about how everything in the game fits the storyline and they love our immersive technology.

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