In 2014 we decided to open our doors as the first escape game company in Georgia, but first we needed to design our first game. At Urban Escape Games Alpharetta: Mr. Magic soon became the first escape game theme we would open with. When we were designing out first Escape Game room we decided that the theme would be Magic; because who doesn’t love magic? There is an exhilarating mystery behind magic tricks and everyone always wants to know the secrets behind the tricks. So we thought why not make a room where people have to uncover the magic tricks and solve the secrets to the puzzles themselves and become apprentices to a local magician. Most all magicians need apprentices that know all the secrets to the tricks and are experts in magic.

Our magic room is called Mr. Magic because a local magician (Mr. Magic) is in need of some apprentices, so he locks people in his back stage prop area to see if they can uncover some of his hardest tricks and find a special object he has hidden in the room in only one hour. If they are able to escape, then he will hire them to be his official apprentices. The room is full of magic related puzzles and riddles and even some technology that makes the room seem magical. Everyone loves the creative design, and the mystery and excitement of solving the magic themed tricks in this room. Since this was our original room, over time we have been able to continue adding different technology pieces and elements to this room to make it even better! Our Mr. Magic room is a staff favorite, and eventually we will have to retire it. A new game will then take its place, but until then we want everyone to have a chance to experience the magical thrill of our Mr. Magic room!

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