We believe that we truly have the best Game Masters in the world! The Game Masters of our Escape Games each have kind, energetic, professional and fun personalities with a love and passion for our Escape Games! We want everyone that comes through our doors to have an amazing experience and our game masters are the heart and soul of their experience with us!

There is a reason we call the staff that watches you play the games and gives you clues “Game Masters”. The reason is simply because they are masters at our Escape Games!  To be a Game Master at Urban Escape Games each person goes through extensive training to make sure that they know the games extremely well and know how to handle different questions and situations that may arise in our games. Additionally, they receive training on group dynamics and how to give feedback to groups in the debrief process.

Not only do they have to learn the different puzzles and riddles in the games, they also have to learn how to reset the game. Many people ask us “How long does it take to reset a game?” or “Who has to reset the games?”. Our Game Masters are the ones who reset the games and it actually doesn’t take as long as it would seem. I like to tell people that its sort of like cleaning you room, once you’ve done it many times, you sort of just know where everything goes and can clean it faster than you think. Of course there is also a reset guide that they double and triple check to make sure the game is reset perfectly for the next team.

Lucky for us, our Game Masters love our games and have such an amazing passion of providing people with a great experience, as many people are playing our Escape Games for the first time! We love our Game Masters and are so thankful for the hard work and dedication they put into Urban Escape Games!

Book make a reservation go to our website or call us at 678-805-2189.