We are so excited and honored to be featured in Best Self Atlanta Magazine! The Best Self Atlanta team came to Urban Escape Games to experience our Escape Games and they had a blast! They raced the clock as they solved different puzzles and tasks to escaping the rooms. For many on their team, this was their first time playing an escape game and they weren’t quite sure what to expect, but after experiencing it, they loved it! They played our CDC Lockdown and Jewel Heist themed escape rooms. These are only two of the themed rooms we have to offer along with FBI Mafia Investigation and Mr. Magic’s room. Although neither team was able to escape in the one-hour time limit, they got really close and had so much fun!

Currently at Urban Escape Games we have a 34% escape rate, so more than half of the people that play our games don’t escape our rooms. This isn’t because our puzzles are too hard to solve, its simply the one-hour time limit that stops people from escaping. Our games are meant to be challenging, honestly it wouldn’t be very fun if everyone could easily escape every time! Either way, everyone has a blast because we work hard to make our games a new and exciting experience for everyone that walks through our doors.

We design all of our games in house and put a lot of hard work and love into what we do. We always strive to provide the best Escape Game experience and it’s always awesome to hear about how much people enjoy our games and the whole experience we have to offer. Thanks Best Self Atlanta for sharing your enthusiasm about Urban Escape Games with your readers!

Check out pg. 18 in the link below to read the article Best Self Atlanta wrote about us!


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