As people walk in the doors of Urban Escape Games they normally have many questions, since Escape Games are still a new experience for many people. One of the first questions that is always asked is “What is your escape rate?” or “What percentage of people escape your rooms?”. Our answer to these questions is 34%. Right now our escape rate is 34% across our games, these are the people who are able to solve all our puzzles and riddles and crack all our codes in order to escape in under one hour. Many people are concerned that our escape rate is so low and have asked us, and we have an explanation.

To clear things up, it’s not that our puzzles and riddles are too hard or impossible to solve. It’s just the one-hour time limit that makes our games challenging. Without the time limit any team could go in our rooms and eventually escape our rooms, but not many teams can do it in only one hour. We have a creative team that works hard to design all of our games. Before releasing a game to the public we make sure to do many test runs to insure that our games are creative, themed to the story line, and challenging that a team must work together to solve all the puzzles, crack the codes and escape together! During the testing stage, input is given from the participants and the outcome to determine what changes need to occur to make the game truly one that requires teamwork! Then after the changes are made, the game is tested again, and this process continues till the design team determines it is ready to open to the public or permit a corporate team building event to take place. Once the room is opened and the game has been successfully finished there is a great deal of celebrating! We love hearing the reactions when people play our new game that took months and months to design.

So when people ask us “Is this going to be hard?” or “Are your escape games hard?” we say no, they are not hard, but they are challenging and require teamwork. Just know your corporate team building event or special event will be a success at Urban Escape Games!

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