Here at Urban Escape games we have plenty of space to host large events and accommodate them to make sure that everyone has an awesome time! We have large escape game rooms so that people are comfortable in our games and have space to move around. We also have a large back room we call our briefing room where we can seat everyone while they watch a briefing video, receive some pro tips from our game masters, and ask any questions they may have before they go into their game. People love that we have spacious rooms and we don’t just cram teams of people into small rooms. We want everyone that experiences our games to feel comfortable while playing and leave having had a great experience. We also have a big event area where we are able to host groups of 50 – 100.

How our event space works is, for large groups or more we do shifts and while some are playing our escape games, others can be doing our team building activities in our event space. The team building activities that we do are a lot of fun and a great way for teams to get to know each other and work together while doing some different mini team building activities. Many places just cram people into rooms, we want everyone to have an awesome time and we are the only escape game in Georgia that can host large groups comfortably. We test and design our rooms to know exactly the maximum number of people that can comfortably play each of our different themed escape games as you and your team race around the room to escape in only one hour.

To book your large group event with us, go to our website or call us at 678-805-2189.