Ever been to a boring birthday party? Ever wish you could have the ultimate birthday party that people would talk about for a year?  You’ve come to the right place! If you are looking for an exciting, adrenaline filled party that will have your guests on the edge of their seat, a birthday party at Urban Escape Games is what you need!

Our Escape Game always make for a memorable party experience. At Urban Escape Games we make it easy for you to get to know each other. Your guests will bond over the common goal of working together to escape! We can’t promise an escape from our game rooms, but we can promise that everyone will have a blast and leave with smiles on their faces.

At Urban Escape Games, one of our event specialists will work with you to make your party a success! We do birthday parties all the time and know all the details to make your party a blast! We will take pictures at the end of your escape and don’t worry we don’t charge you like Six Flags, Disney, etc. Our pictures are FREE and we will take several from smiling faces to get crazy (for some people this is harder to do)!

If you have a large birthday party, don’t worry we have the space! We always make sure your guests are greeted and welcomed in our lobby before we escort them to our large briefing room. Don’t worry we never put people in hallways or crowded in a lobby, we know how to throw a party and will have all your guests together. If you are having a large party we may need to start two games at the same time. We rather do this than crowd your party into a room, yet your group will enjoy the friendly competition and we will have everyone together in our briefing room for the photos and briefing video. Also, we do a surprise, but we can’t tell you or it wouldn’t be a surprise! Again, we know how to throw a party and will even have party hats for everyone at the end. If your party has 12 or more players, the guest of honor will get a free Urban Escape Games T-Shirt!

A lot of our Birthday Parties choose our Double Escape package. With this package, each team will play two unique escape games, each lasting one hour. Drinks and snacks will be provided in between games, and the second game is discounted! We roll out the red carpet and will have tables with table clothes, chairs set up for your break between the two games.

Birthday parties are scheduled by appointment.

Please visit our website or call (678) 805-2189 to discuss scheduling your event!