Some Escape Game places record the groups while they play their escape games and allow the people to buy the video recording. For Corporate Team Building events, some bosses buy the videos so that they can see how their team worked together and the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. This may sound like a good idea but we have a strict no recording at Urban Escape Games policy for a few different reasons.

  1. The main reason why Urban Escape Games has a strict no recording policy is because we want people to act themselves and have fun well playing our games. We don’t want people to change the way they play the game, because they know their boss is going to watch the recording of them afterwards. The point of Urban Escape Games is to be a FUN team building activity, where co-workers have a blast working together to escape in just one hour. Some people will play differently knowing that their boss is going to watch them and they may be nervous or not act themselves and won’t have as much fun.
  1. Some places let the boss watch in the Game Master suite as their employees are in the different rooms racing the clock. Urban Escape Games does not allow this either. The only people allowed in the Game Master suite are Urban Escape Games staff. The suite is where the game masters need to focus on coaching their teams. Plus, for the same reasons as recording, people will act different and won’t play the games the same if they know their boss is watching them. And don’t even try to ask if the boss can watch without people knowing, because that is can easily end up in court.

We want everyone who walks in our doors to play our games and now they can have an amazing team building experience that is not being taped and evaluated by their boss. It is a team building event, not a monitoring service. Companies without experience in team building are doing this for a quick dollar. Please avoid this for the sake of your employees and for legal reasons.

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