There are many ways in which Urban Escape Games is unique compared to other escape games in Alpharetta, Georgia. For starters, we were the first escape game company to open in Georgia. Our staff designs all of our Escape Games in-house. We have the most immersive technology throughout our Escape Games to make our games a surprising and exciting experience. Our games are built to focus on teamwork and communication, which makes them the perfect activity for corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and groups of families/friends.

Another aspect that makes us unique is that we have plenty of room to hold large group events, which other escape game companies cannot provide. We frequently host events for groups of 30 – 100 people because we can comfortably accommodate that large of a group with seating for everyone. Our rooms are also very spacious.

Another aspect that makes us unique is that fact that we do a detailed debrief after every game. During the game, each team has a Game Master that is taking on the role of being the teams coach. So she or he has eyes and ears on their game, watching so when they call for one of their three clues he can provide what they need at that point and time. At the end there is always a debrief with the game master who is taking notes on how the team progressed through the game. We try to get teams to focus not on the escape, but how their team worked together. At the end the game master will discuss any puzzles that were not solved, answer any questions and spend most of the time discussing the teamwork amongst the group, especially if it is a corporate team builder.  This is especially helpful for our corporate teams to learn how they worked together as a team and the strengths of their co-workers in a group setting.

Urban Escape Games works hard to make sure that we are always providing a quality service that is unique from other escape games and makes our customers excited about coming back!

To book a game at Urban Escape Games go to our website or call us at (678)-805-2189.