Have you been to Urban Escape Games before and had an amazing experience? Did you love our spacious themed rooms, immersive technology, and awesome staff? Help us to spread the word about Urban Escape Games and how awesome it is! Share you experience with your friends, family members, co-workers or just random people you see on the street. We opened our doors around Thanksgiving of 2014 and have been growing through word of mouth ever since.

Since Escape Games are such a new concept, many people have never heard of them and aren’t really sure what they are or what to expect. So, we ask our amazing customers to share with people about what Escape Games are and how Urban Escape Games is the best escape game place in Georgia, located in the heart of Alpharetta.  So that you are informed when you share with friends, here is a list of a few of the top reasons why we are the best:

  • We have the most immersive technology. We have a design team on-site that is constantly playing around with the technology in our rooms and designing new technology, so that our rooms are exciting and surprising to everyone who plays.
  • We have a large briefing area with seating for everyone and our rooms are also spacious. Our largest room can hold 10 people, and we promise not to shove a group into a small room. We want everyone to play comfortably.
  • We were the first Escape Game company in Georgia, and we are an exception to the rule in that we design their games in-house. Since we do this, we can focus on building our rooms around Corporate Team Building and making sure that our rooms are all the same level of difficulty, so that we don’t give any team an advantage. We like to keep the playing field even.

If you had a great time with Urban Escape Games, don’t be shy! Tell people about your experience and encourage them to come try us out. We promise they will have a blast!

To book a game at Urban Escape Games, please visit our website or call us at (678)-805-2189.