At Urban Escape Games we have four different themed escape rooms: CDC Lockdown, Jewel Heist, FBI Mafia Investigation, and Mr. Magic’s. All of our different themed game rooms are designed in-house by our creative and professional design team. Since our design team designs our games in-house, they focus on corporate team building and strive to have the most immersive technology in our games.

Here is an overview of the different themed rooms we have at Urban Escape Games. In our CDC Lockdown themed room, you and your team are taking a tour of the CDC when a surprise occurs and your team only has one hour to escape the CDC and save themselves. Then we have a Jewel Heist themed room, where you and your team enter the estate of Kimi Braxton (a world renown jewel thief) where you have one hour to try to steal from her and escape from her estate. The third themed room we have is the FBI: Mafia Investigation room where the FBI suspects some illegal activity going on at Vinny’s Pizzeria and your team has to try to gather enough evidence to take down the mafia in only one hour. The fourth and final room is our Mr. Magic’s room. This was our original room when we opened the doors in 2014. Mr. Magic is in need of some apprentices and you are locked in his backstage/prop area where you and your team have to do different tasks to see if you can solve his magical tricks. This is still one of our favorites, as we retired our Murder Mystery before Mr. Magic as it continues to be a crowd pleaser.

We put a lot of work into designing these games so that each time a team plays they get a new and unique experience. Urban Escape Games is the perfect activity for friends, families, co-workers, corporate team building, bachelor and bachelorette party, birthday parties, and other events.

To book your experience at Urban Escape Games go to our website or call us at (678)-805-2189.