After almost a year of hard work we are excited to finally announce that we have created a new portable on-site Escape Game! At Urban Escape Games normally groups have to come to our facility to play one of our Escape Games, but not anymore! We now have a game that we are able to bring to conferences, offices, schools and more! The cool thing about this new game is that it is the first one like this to ever be created in the USA. We have designed this game so that it is able to be played by small groups to groups of thousands all at the same time–unlike at our facility where we are limited to the number of people that can play at the same time. Our design team has worked to make sure that the foundation of our games still require teamwork. We are excited to see how we can best serve our large corporate groups, who can’t bring a large team of a few thousand or hundreds to us, but now we can come to them.

Many times companies are looking for fun team building activities to do during conferences or special events, and now we have created an Escape Game that can easily come and take place during these events. The game is still similar to our other games in that your teams (we customize it to your group and space) have to work together to escape. They will have to solve various puzzles, riddles and crack codes in order to escape in time. The big difference is we bring the escape game to your conference whether it is in Atlanta, or another city like Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Dallas, New Orleans, Nashville, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Anaheim, Tampa, Rosemont, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Columbus, Jacksonville, San Jose, Naples, Boca Raton, Kansas City, St. Louis, and more. We will go to you and make your conference a pounding success with our Escape Game, that all the attendees will be talking about for weeks. Morale will be at the highest you have every experienced, so don’t delay and book now by going to our website or giving us a call at 678-805-2189.