When we first opened the doors in 2014, as the first Escape Game in Georgia, we were excited to bring this new concept to Georgia. We knew that many people weren’t going to be familiar with what exactly an Escape Game was, but once they experienced the game, they would love it! This is exactly what happened! People would come play our Escape Games, have an amazing experience, and through word-of-mouth our business took off. Because Escape Games are a new experience for most people, everyone is really in to the game, working together and having fun trying to escape.

We knew from the start that we wanted to open an Escape Game company that focused on corporate team building. Most companies have some sort of team building each year or holiday party, and we knew that Escape Games would be a great way for teams to work together and learn about one another all while having fun. We design all of our Escape Games in-house with team building in mind. We also do corporate debriefs at the end of each game, so that groups can discuss things they learned and hear how they progressed throughout the game. Debriefs were also very important to us because we wanted to address how the team worked together and what different roles people took on during the game and the impact it made upon the team. Everyone is critical to making an escape. Additionally, the Game Master will discuss anything that a team member didn’t see happen, and if the team didn’t escape, the Game Master will show them the final steps to escaping, so they don’t have to wonder.

We have been very lucky and happy with the success of Urban Escape Games, and we are excited to see what we can do to continuing growing throughout the years.

To book a game at Urban Escape Games, please visit our website or call us at (678)-805-2189.