At Urban Escape Games we design our games to be challenging in order to make our games more exciting and thrilling for people. Across all four of our different themed escape rooms we currently have a 34% escape rate. Here are some tips that might help you escape our rooms:

  • Use the clues: Each team gets three clues during the game that they can and should use as part of their strategy. There is a Game Master that has eyes and ears on the team during their full hour. So, at any point in the game a team can call the Game Master, up to three times, and the Game Master will give them a clue that is relevant to where they are in the game. We have never had a team escape without using at least two clues.
  • Communication: Communication is key in our games. We design our games with communication in mind, so if teams don’t communicate then they most likely will not escape. They need to be able to share thoughts and ideas with one another to beat that one-hour time limit.
  • Investigate the room: Not everything in the rooms are as they appear. Groups need to make sure they are investigating the room by looking at everything and opening things. If there is not a “Look But Do Not Touch” sticker on something, then feel free to touch it.
  • Take notes: The pad of paper and pen in the room are there for you to use to stay organized and takes notes. Don’t try to memorize things while playing because chances are with everything going on in the room it will be difficult to keep track of everything.
  • HAVE FUN: the point of these activities is to work together and communicate while HAVING FUN! We want everyone to enjoy our games and leaving with a smile on their face!

Hope these tips are helpful to you and your team the next time you try to escape one of our rooms.

To book with Urban Escape Games please go to our website or call us at (678)-805-2189.