In her dying will, Kimmy Braxton left a challenge for the world: steal the greatest jewel in the world from the greatest thief in the world. Before her death Kimmy Braxton was a well-renowned jewel thief who stole from the best and the brightest. Kimmy made her impressive estate fortune traveling all over the world stealing the world’s most impressive jewels.

Upon her death, Kimmy asked her executor to make her once secret career as a thief known to the world and with this great reveal leave an intriguing challenge. What is this challenge? To enter the mysterious estate of Kimmy Braxton where you have one hour to steal the most impressive jewel known to man. If the hour ends, the bitter sound of the estate alarm will sound reminding you that Kimmy’s challenge still stands and she remains the greatest thief the world has ever known…

Will you accept this prestigious challenge? Can you pull of the greatest heist in history and be a part of a story that will be told for generations to come? Do you have the thief potential in you? All you have to do is accept the challenge, persevere through the unexpected, steal the Priscilla diamond, and escape the estate in under an hour. Sounds simple enough…right?