Over the past year, the media has been very interested in Georgia’s very first Escape Game which opened Thanksgiving 2014. “There are many movies and books about being locked in a room, with only your wits to get you out. In an instance of fiction becoming real, a new trend in entertainment has “escape rooms” becoming popular attractions,” wrote Jonathan Copsey of the Forsyth Herald. We’ve brought it to life here in Alpharetta, where we challenge you to escape from a room in 1 hour by solving puzzles and cracking codes.  We were recently awarded 1st Runner Up in the Best Group/Corporate Activity from Appen Media Group in the North Fulton/South Forsyth area.


Appen Gala-513


Individual or Teamwork?

The Points North Magazine shared their experience “…we had no idea what was ahead of us. All we knew was that for the first time outside of the office, our editorial team, creative team, accounting and distribution manager, publisher and president would all have to be on the same page.” In our Escape Games, everyone is essential and valuable to playing the game. Your group must work as a team to solve puzzles and crack codes. Your group must find an object and a 4 digit code to escape.

How Do They Do It?

When the AJC visited Urban Escape Games, they were curious as to how the games were created. “Game designers craft a story line and formulate clues and challenges. Ideas materialize in the form of imaginative props and technology. A videographer creates slick intro videos, and techies whip up special effects, computer wizardry and mechanics. It’s one thing to dream up a hidden switch or mechanism. Then it has to work. The result is a theme park-worthy attraction.” When a team walks into a room, they are transported to another place; whether it be the CDC or a crime scene.

What Is It Like?

The North Fulton Herald Newspapers described what it felt like after experiencing one of our Escape Games, “It’s like a video game, played collaboratively and with just as much stress, if not more because it is real life. The countdown clock adds tension (especially when it starts blaring as it gets closer to zero). As you get closer to winning or losing, the stress amps up (all the way to 11!) and when that door finally opens, it really is a sense of relief that washes over you.”

What’s the Escape Rate?

That might be the most popular question we get escaped, and it surprises some people that not everyone escapes from our Escape Games (not even half of the teams escape). Neighbor Newspapers quoted Urban Escape Games’ founder Mary Oakes answering the popular question, “The puzzles have proven quite the cerebral challenge — just 35 percent of players have had the grey matter and teamwork skills to ‘escape’.”