The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a bastion of scientific research and a leader in global public health efforts. Most would agree that the CDC is a force for good in the world.


That said, it is also a scary sort of place to have nearby. Its Wikipedia page casually mentions that “the CDC’s Biosafety Level 4 laboratories are among only about a dozen such facilities in the country, as well as one of only two official repositories of smallpox in the world.” News headlines about the CDC typically contain terrifying disease names such as Ebola, Anthrax, and Norovirus. Ominous, right?

Your group is well aware of all of these things, but you throw caution to the wind and sign up for a tour of the CDC facilities. Things start off normally enough – a smiling tour guide, a waiting room, a tour intro video…

But something goes wrong, and your tour group is trapped. Can you save yourselves? More importantly, can you save the world?

Come find out at Urban Escape Games in the CDC Lockdown game. Your team will have to pull together despite the looming toxic spill. Like every game at Urban Escape Games, teamwork and communication are critcal for a successful team escape.

Get your best team together for a game of toxic thrills and scientific spills.

Stop the outbreak. Find the antidote. Save the world.