It’s Different

When thinking of a team building event most people do not think of Escape Games, but they should. It is a true team building experience that everyone from the workplace will enjoy. Unlike typical team building activities, no one person can be better at an Escape Game than other. It’s never fun to have to do an activity in front of others, that you don’t like or haven’t achieved the skill level you desire, yet be forced to compete. Escape Games make an even playing field, as no one has an advantage, plus the focus is on the team working together. Teams can fail or succeed, but they will be together the whole time.

Team Effort

One person cannot do the whole thing and escape within the hour, which is where team work comes into play. Teams must learn to communicate frequently and effectively, test out ideas, and share leadership.  The better they are at each of those tasks, the more likely they are to escape from an Escape Game.

Guaranteed Fun

Whether a team earns the coveted “I ESCAPED” sticker or not, they are guaranteed to have lots of fun together! There is a sense of achievement and excitement as each lock is undone. The closer it gets to the clock hitting 00:00, the more anticipation builds, as teams work furiously in an effort to escape.