As you know by now, Escape Games have surged in popularity in the past year and have attracted participants of all ages and interests. You may not know; however, that Urban Escape Games focuses exclusively on team building and corporate groups from Monday to Friday. The Escape Game concept is the perfect fit for team bonding and problem solving, and chances are it will be a new experience for many on your team. Below are a few more points to consider:

Escape Games Are For Everyone

Our games are challenging and fun no matter your background. Your IT department will be just as engaged and excited as your sales team. Diverse puzzles require diverse teams. So for an added advantage, try mixing your teams up to include employees from each part of your company.

Escape Games Offer a Level Playing Field

Unlike other team outings (golf, bowling, trivia nights, etc.) nobody enters an Escape Game with an inherent advantage or practiced skill. Instead, each person brings something valuable to the team based on their own experiences and knowledge.  No one can win by themselves.

Escape Games Require Teamwork and Communication

Not only will relationships form and grow, but each team member will practice valuable communication and idea sharing skills that can help them when they’ve escaped from the game and are back in the office. By design, our games require teamwork and collaboration which incorporate every team member on the way to a successful escape.

Escape Games Are Fun!

When it comes down to it, your team wants to get out of the office and have some fun together. Whether they pull off a heart-pounding escape as a team, or don’t quite make it within the time limit, we know they will have a blast. Would you like some more evidence of our success with corporate team building? Read more from our customers on Yelp and TripAdvisor.